Chicken Sandwiches: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

Date: 1/12/2017

Borough: Manhattan

Address: 28 East 1st Street


What we ordered: 

  • The Blue Ribbon

Cost (post-tax, pre-tip): $8.44

The scores:

Ratings (1-10) Rob Missy
Taste 7.5 7
Presentation 7 6.5
Setting 7.5 7.5
Value 7 6.5
Overall 7 6.75

Ryan comments:

We put her stroller at the end of our communal table but there wasn’t too much room to move. She spent her time mixed between sleeping and minor fussing.

Ryan’s Report Card (1-10): 6.5


General Comments:

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is a fast-casual chicken joint from the people behind the Blue Ribbon restaurant empire. Their Fried Chicken spot is in the East Village and feels like a higher-end fast food restaurant. It was fairly busy when we came and we were barely able to find seats despite them having a lot of communal seating and stools along the windows. They had a decent bathroom and had a lot of branding throughout. They offered cups for water along with several different dipping sauces, from Honey to BBQ to Spicy.





We will actually be returning to BRFC for the general Chicken category, as they have a pretty large menu. Today’s visit was simply to try their Fried Chicken Sandwich. They have multiple options but we went with their Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken Sandwich since it seems to be their namesake sandwich.


After paying you get a little buzzer to let you know when your food is ready.


The sandwich is on a slightly larger than normal bun and comes with special sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickle slices. Melissa was disappointed to find that the pickles were of the Bread & Butter variety since they are far inferior to dill. Overall it tasted like a fried chicken sandwich but one that was not too fried.




We’ll be returning here for their fried chicken dinner so we’ll see how that compares, but their chicken sandwich was just fine…nothing too memorable but a solid sandwich.



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