Cookies: Maman

Date: 1/16/2017

Borough: Manhattan

Address: 239 Centre Street


What we ordered: 

  • ‘Famous’ Nutty Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Cost (post-tax, pre-tip): $4.08

The scores:

Ratings (1-10) Rob Missy
Taste 8 6.5
Presentation 8.5 7.5
Setting 8.5 8
Value 7 6
Overall 8 6.75

Ryan comments:

We were able to fit Ryan’s stroller in the back room with us. She was sleepy but was on the verge of fussy the entire time which docked her score a bit.

Ryan’s Report Card (1-10): 8

General Comments:

Maman is a little French bakery & cafe with a few locations in NYC and one in Toronto. We visited their cafe in Soho. We only came to try the cookie but they have an extensive list of coffees and hot beverages along with quiches, salads, and sandwiches. It’s a very cute spot with good decor and seating. When you first enter there is some seating by the window looking out into the street:


You order at the main counter where they have baked goods, along with a few of their sandwiches on display.


Once you get your food or drinks you can also sit in their larger back room, which was nice and quiet and would probably be good for working on a laptop or having a low-key lunch.


They also have some cute artwork on the walls in the hallway leading to back room:



We got their Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie which is what they’re most known for, as this cookie pops up on most Top 10 lists on the Internet. It looked great in the display case.


Here’s a closer look. They also sell a White Chocolate & Pretzel cookie but since we had just come from Russ & Daughters we thought we’d restrain ourselves and get their most popular one. Plus, white chocolate is far inferior…sorry.


The cookie was a good size but wasn’t nearly as large as a Jacques Torres one, though it was a little more expensive than those. The cookie had some heft to it though, and felt heavy. They looked homemade and inconsistent, in a good way. There were big macadamia nuts throughout the cookie along with some chocolate chunks. The cookie just wasn’t chocolaty enough for Melissa, and she doesn’t love macadamia nuts, so this was a disappointing cookie for her since it looked so good. Rob, on the other hand, liked it much more and thought there were some great bits with big nut chunks. To each his own!



Overall, this was a mixed review as Rob gave it high marks and Melissa wasn’t a big fan. If you like macadamia nuts you should definitely seek this out, but if you don’t you’ll probably be disappointed.


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