Pie: Peetee’s Pie Company

Date: 1/20/2017

Borough: Manhattan

Address: 61 Delancey Street


What we ordered: 

  • The Salty Chocolate Chess pie
  • Blueberry Crumb pie

Cost (post-tax, pre-tip): $11.50

The scores:

Ratings (1-10) Rob Missy
Taste 6 6.5
Presentation 6.5 6.5
Setting 7 7
Value 4 5.5
Overall 6 6.5

Ryan comments:

We were in and out of the shop so we didn’t give Ryan a score.

Ryan’s Report Card (1-10): N/A

General Comments:

Peetee’s is a small shop that specializes exclusively in pies so we had high expectations coming in. The shop is an unassuming little spot with just a few stools to sit at by the windows.


They display the pies in a single rack, along with a few random baked goods in clear glass cases on the counter.



We chose a Blueberry Crumb Pie slice along with a Salty Chocolate Chess Pie slice. Neither of us knew what a Chess Pie was, but they had a sign explaining that it was custard-like. The name is a mis-hearing of the word ‘chest’ because it was able to be kept in a chest for a long time without going stale.


The one woman working was nice and told us what was available for the day. The slices were on the smaller side and were not cheap, at $11.50 for the two. We took them home to try and were pretty disappointed.


We did like the packaging, though.


The Salty Chocolate Chess Pie was weird…it was definitely salty, but didn’t taste very chocolaty or sweet enough. We definitely wouldn’t order it again or recommend it, and this is probably the flavor they’re most known for.


The Blueberry Crumb was better. It was wild blueberries so they were tiny but plentiful. The crumb topping and the crust were both good.



Overall we were really let down by this due to our high hopes…this just wasn’t good enough to get a return visit.


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