Ramen: Mr. Taka Ramen

Date: 1/20/2017

Borough: Manhattan

Address: 170 Allen Street


What we ordered: 

  • Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen (would recommend)
  • Spicy Vegetarian Ramen (would recommend)

Cost (post-tax, pre-tip): $34.84

The scores:

Ratings (1-10) Rob Missy
Taste 8.25 8.25
Presentation 8.5 8
Setting 8 8
Value 7 6.5
Overall 8.25 8

Ryan comments:

We kept Ryan in her stroller in the corner next to our stools. She slept the entire time

Ryan’s Report Card (1-10): 9


General Comments:

Mr. Taka Ramen is a ramen shop in the Lower East Side. It’s a nice spot with a decent amount of seating. There are some stools around the counter along with a few tables. It was fairly empty at 12:30 on a Friday, so we had no problem finding space for us and the stroller at the counter.


They had cute little cacti on the counters. Each place setting had fun big wooden spoons for ramen.


The menu shows that the restaurant has a good backstory of the owner who was from Tokyo, then came here to be a journalist before finally opening a ramen shop.


During lunch hours they have a special where they offer a free side salad or fried chicken (karaage) as an appetizer to go with your choice of ramen.


The counter looked into the kitchen so we could see them preparing everything. We got to see them torch the pork pieces and peel the eggs. You could tell that they care a lot about presentation, carefully placing each ingredient and even wiping down bowls if a sauce falls out of place.



Here’s an action shot of the pork being torched by hand:


First up are the appetizers. Missy got the salad, surprise surprise. It was very spinach-heavy and had a delicious ginger-y dressing. She was happy with it.


Rob got fried chicken (karaage) and thought it was good but not great. He wouldn’t order it on its own but it was a nice freebie. There were 4 little pieces with a tempura-like breading, served with a sweet dipping sauce.


or a few of the ramen dishes you can upgrade to spicy – for Rob’s it was $2 extra and came with an egg, for Melissa’s it was $1. He got the Spicy Tonkotsu and she got the Spicy Vegetarian. The Spicy Veg Ramen was great – it had a soy milk broth/base which you could see them make fresh on demand in a little pot. Every ingredient looked to be freshly prepared individually. It had flat wavy noodles and some very different ingredients like a tomato slice, avocado, zucchini, tofu, mushrooms, daikon, etc. The spicy version comes with a spicy paste and chili oil. Melissa really liked the broth overall and thought there was a good level of spice, definitely not too spicy.


Rob’s highlight was the single piece of pork in his ramen, which is a common portion size. His egg had a very unique texture. His noodles were thinner than Melissa’s. Both of us were very happy with the heat level and taste of our dishes.


Overall we both really enjoyed our ramen choices and would definitely come back, especially since it’s within reasonable walking distance for us.


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