We’re two thirty-somethings who have been living in Manhattan for over 9 years. Having just welcomed a baby daughter into the world a month ago, our typical world-traveling adventures will be put on hold for the foreseeable future. Knowing this, we decided to make 2017 into a fun project where we really get to know our city a little better.

After pouring through various articles, reviews on Yelp, blogposts, and advice of friends, we made Top 10 lists for the best foods across twenty or so categories. We plan to visit all of these places this year and try the dishes they’re most known for, rating them and taking photos along the way.

We’ll also be sneaking a little bit of culture into this as we have lists for best museums, best parks, and a general category for activities/sites. We’d love to do a category for best Broadway shows, best music venues, etc. but those didn’t seem like they’d be viable with an infant. Even some of the restaurants, particularly in the Pasta and Ramen categories, are going to require babysitters or will be quite challenging. Wish us luck!